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Catba islandIf there is one star that shines more than the others in Vietnam, that is Ha Long Bay. A magical place whose visit can be made more beautiful, if possible, with a sailing boat.

Halong Bay is located in northeastern Vietnam, the Gulf of Tonkin and surrounded by South China Sea, is a series of islands, islets and limestone mountains eroded to form one of the most beautiful and unique designs in the world.

Perhaps this is the best highlight of Vietnam, although each place has its own attraction, it is true that Halong is really special and navigate around these islands of hundreds of years old is something we will never forget.

The islets jut out of the sea forming a maze of karsts, caves, tunnels, they are formed in the different shapes of human, animals and weird objects. In Halong, you can perform activities during the tour and walk among the islets on a kayak and look closely at sea erosion and years on the rocks. Halong bay is an ideal place to go kayaking, and the limestone cliffs provide a beautiful scene for rock climbers.

There are several ways to explore the bay on day or overnight trips, most travellers take 2 day tour with 1 night on board the cruiser, travellers with 3 or 4 days are recommended to have 1 or 2 days to Catba island where you will enjoy an amazing island with a brutal nature park, home to endangered langurs. Cat ba is one of the few inhabited islands of Halong Bay and a great place to enjoy a few quiet days with good beaches.

Another stop is the Monkey Island, inhabited by a good number of monkeys that you can see up close. There are several roads around the island to make treks, but it is essential to wear good shoes, as a result of moisture the soil is slippery and can be dangerous.

There are several points where you will take the trip more economically. One of them is Hai Phong sea port city. To get to Cat Ba you have to take a fast boat in Hai Phong and in just over 30 minutes will arrive in this fantastic island, and from Catba you can travel by ferry to Halong bay in just 1 hour

Halong bay cruisers, this type of vessels, also known as Junks or dragon boats are beautiful traditional manufacturing buildings, whose main characteristic is its brown wooden works with curled roof like eastern pagoda. Furthermore, proudly wear a figurehead head of a dragon and two or three sails on top

Although referred to as Sailing Junks all boats are motorized, top floor of the boat is the sun deck for passengers to relax, take photos, Below deck, are equipped better than some hotels with well-appointed rooms and restaurants specializing in fresh seafood.

Travellers can take their halong bay cruises for an exploration of the site, all boats have a small canoe or "tender" to take visitors to small lagoons or beautiful caves in the area

As if all this were not enough, during the voyage you can make a stopover in several caves which you can access and view the bay from them. these caves are like caves typical of pirate movies that will not leave indifferent insurance.

However don't expect you are going to take a peaceful trip to a quiet place as there are about 300 boats travel everyday and half of them anchor offshore, because of safety regulations all tourist boats stop travelling in the evening and have to anchor at some assigned spots around the bay

Spending the night on board is an unforgettable experience for travellers, The views are incomparable, especially sunsets and sunrises. Explore Ha Long Bay on a sailing boat has its rewards.

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