Cruise ships suspended in Halong bay

Quang Ninh Provincial People's Committee Chairman Nguyen Duc Long emphasized that newly built ships must meet higher quality requirements and improve capacity to reduce the number of ships.

Impression theatre to be built in Halong bay

The shape of the theater can make the audience think of many things such as egg shell on a rock, part of the dragon body, or the sails of a traditional boat...

How to rent a boat to visit Lan Ha bay

Lan Ha bay is also famous for Van Gia fishing village about 15 minutes by boat from Cat Ba town, this is an old floating village over one hundred years with thousands of households living mainly by fishing...

Cheap tours to Halong bay

For backpackers who travel Vietnam at low budget, it is appreciated the need to keep the cost down when travelling, however you may throw your out of the window for the cheap tours, pay a little more for a memorable...

Fishermen in Halong bay row boats for tourists

Nhe rowing boats carrying tourists to visit attractions in Halong Bay has been formed and maintained through the activities of the floating fishing village in Vung Vieng...

Beautiful Ngoc Vung island

Ngoc Vung island is full of geographical factors such as rivers, beaches, bay, harbors and plain... On the island there is plenty of freshwater and people grow rice. At this time the island only has about 1,000 residents...

Halong carnaval 2014

The main content of Carnaval Ha Long 2014 include: opening ceremony, art performances, street carnaval parade and fireworks display at lower level in which the highlight of the festival is art performances on stage combined with street carnaval...

Hospital cave in Catba island

Located about 15km from centre of Cat Ba town, Military Hospital cave is built in the area of Tran Chau ward, belongs to Catba National Park, exit from the cave is on the other side of the mountain with a sloping path surrounded by trees...

Visitors to Halong bay provide feedbacks

According to the authorities, besides the regular procedures, all visitors taking a tour to Halong bay are given the feedback forms. In addition to the basic information about the cruises, tourists are able to provide comments on travel time on boat, quality of the boats...

Catching Sa Sung in Quan Lan island

The most famous place to enjoy Sa Sung is Quan Lan island, located in Bai Tu Long bay, just a few hour from the World heritage Halong bay. In summertime a lot of local tourists take their tours to Halong bay and Quan Lan island...

Quang Ninh authorities control cruise ships

Reportedly, Quang Ninh authorits have developed many training sessions before putting the new plan into operation, informing cruise owners about rights and duties to perform and thus clearly defined functions and responsibilities of the agencies and units involved in the organization...

Halong bay tours for budget travellers

Most people arrange their trip before coming to Vietnam, however you can keep the cost down by booking the trip when you are in Hanoi, there are plenty of booking offices in the Old Quarter and you can have a good deal if you book the trip in the last minutes

Halong Bay information

The cheapest but also the easiest way is to book a tour from Hanoi. Hundreds of agencies offer the opportunity to do so although you can do from the same Ha Long and Cat Ba Island. A nornal "cheap" backpacker tour to Halong Bay will cost about 40-60 usd per person

Guide to Halong Bay

There are several ways to explore the bay on day or overnight trips, most travellers take 2 day tour with 1 night on board the cruiser, travellers with 3 or 4 days are recommended to have 1 or 2 days to Catba island where you will enjoy an amazing island with a brutal nature park

Sights and activities of Halong Bay and Bai Tu Long bay

Further up north is Bai Tu Long bay, less known than Halong Bay but Bai Tu Long is by no means less beautiful, as Halong is becoming touristy over recent years many travellers consider Bai Tu Long a better choice for their trip

Diary of a trip to Halong bay

We stopped at Vung Vieng, a floating village, and we get four of each order in small boats. Local women to row us close to the dwellings. About 300 people live in Halong Bay in floating villages

Halong bay kayaking, bad experience beginner

We had two of each in a kayak and I was left with an Englishman, I asked if he had done this before. The answer was that he had already done quite often in New Zealand...

Cruise Halong bay Vietnam

The rock cones and needles are uninhabited lack of flat surfaces. Not only visitors are therefore dependent on boats, even the residents. For generations, the people here live on the water. The fishing village of Cua Van is one of four floating villages in Halong Bay.


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